Lifetime Journey With God

The story of a young man whom underwent a tragic car accident at the age of 19, which left him completely paralyzed from the neck down making him a high-level quadriplegic, Nonetheless, testifying vividly for the greatness & the goodness of the Lord in his life ever since the accident date till this very second (currently 26 years old).
The amazing wonders that the Lord has worked in the life of Emmanuel Ghali during the last 7 years while he still remains completely disable unable to move, will make you think twice before you start blaming God.
Come take with me this amazing Lifetime Journey With God.
My prayers is for my life story to ultimately change your viewpoint about life & to surrender your heart to Jesus wholeheartedly once & for all.

God bless you richly.
your brother in Christ Jesus,
Emmanuel Ghali (Mano).

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